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Soil profiles are the life blood of any fine turf sports surfaces and is normally something the customers and public do not see.
The attached photo shows me numerous things despite it looking like just a random hole plug!!
First of all the circled area is showing our root structures within the backfilled sand created by solid tining last season, this alone is a success as it shows the grass plant is favouring the sand backfill but the REAL achievement here is that the roots are starting to go OUT into our natural rootzone from the sand meaning the environment that we are creating is favourable and there is a healthy amount of air available.
The hole plug also gives me a visual on the top organic matter, I send samples away to a Lab to give me precise organic levels but obviously a quick visual gives you a quick response. Our thatch levels are at a controlled level of under 1" but is becoming "matted" and we will rectify this by verti-cutting down to 3mm depth over the next few weeks as long as the greens don't become too stressed by drought.

Monday the 22nd sees us solid tine with a 13mm tine down to 5" across all 19 greens. This will be done in stages before golf over 3 days so NO DISRUPTION to play whatsoever. This will allow vital air back into the soil and as you can see with the photo its a battle we are winning so your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated.

Richard Mullen
Course Manager.
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