What Is Sustainability?

The R&A considers sustainability to be a key priority for golf, and an important element of the sport’s contribution to wider society and the effect the game has on nature and resources, delivered by enduring businesses which provide a positive sporting, environmental and social legacy for future generations. The R&A strongly advocates sustainability across the nature, communities and resources agenda. To be considered sustainable, the golf operation (be that a new development, existing facility or golf tournament) should protect nature, benefit communities and conserve resources.

Sustainability for golf is relevant to where we play and what we play on. Golf and golf facilities can also offer much to people who don’t play the sport. Building and managing the courses on which we play golf and on which we host golf tournaments impacts on nature, communities and resources. Everyone involved in golf should do their best to ensure that these are positive impacts, whilst providing a great golf experience.

Did you know?
Selecting the right grass can reduce resource inputs by 50% or more.

The sustainability agenda for golf can be described under these three headings.

Nature reflects the environment in which golf is played; its impact on the sport and the sport’s impact on the natural world.

Communities concerns how golf can benefit the people that live close to a golf facility, and the interaction between golf and its' neighbours.

Resources considers the requirement for manpower, machinery and materials and how a sustainable approach to the development and management of golf courses can bring cost savings and enhance revenue opportunities.

So, in short its not about bumble bees.... its not about flowers its more important than you can think. As custodians of the course its not even a debate, there is a climate emergency no matter how it was caused and we must protect the sport we participate in or risk the consequence!

Richard Mullen
Course Manager

Did you know that ?

BGC is Golf Environmental Organisation Certified for reaching high standards
Richard Mullen is a Sustainability Champion with 3 individual awards including public engagement and a Biodiversity champion?


Maybe you need to ask the greenkeeping team what that means for YOUR course

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