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The winter has not seemed as bad as such but to trying to complete certain types of jobs has been impossible and very frustrating! We set out a winter programme that’s based on ideal conditions throughout the winter. Never the less you strive to get as much as conceivably possible. I can’t write everything but will bullet point the main completed or near completed tasks.
• All tees, aprons, greens and fairways deep spiked
• Aprons hollow cored
• Greens aerated x3
• New tee markers created, Hazard marker posts, benches, ball washers and bins painted.
• Wildflower areas created at 1, 12 and turf nursery in progress
• Newly constructed bunker at 1 awaiting turf.
• Drain at 2nd hole in the rough near completion.
• Drain on the apron of the 2nd created
• Steps moved at 4th tee.
• Ditches cleaned out x3 times
• Extensive Limb removal all over the course to help protect machine operators and improve tree health.
• New bunkers to the left hand side of the 5th green and new walk off area created when exiting the green. Awaiting turf also.
• Middle bunker at 8th raised along with surrounding area to give a better playing experience. Awaiting Turf.
• Hedges due to be trimmed today as per discussions.
• Extensive tree removal at the 9th green to help us create a better growing atmosphere.
• 11th big bunker raised up using 50 tonne sub base, drained, lined and re sanded for an easier bunker shot.
• Extensive tree removal at the 12th green site, overhanging branches removed and dead trees taken away, ditched cleared and out of bounds defined better.
• 17th Bunker removed and re turfed.
• Hedges at 18 due to be trimmed before he weekend.

Obviously I’d like to mention everything that we done but that list doesn’t include normal day to day greenkeeping.

The Turf delay has been from the company that produce the turf and we are in the queue to receive our supply by Wednesday at the latest. The beast from the east hit that part really bad so they are playing catch up.

We have a very busy week to prepare the course in time for this weekend and it’s going to be a tough ask due to conditions, this time last year we were cutting all grass, 40 tonne of sand had been applied to greens! Couldn’t be further from that this year! Greens have had 6 tonne of sand, tees, aprons and greens only cut once for comparison!

The new turf areas will be marked with GUR and will be roped off, ball scoops will be placed around them to retrieve any balls as we need to keep everyone off these areas.

We have taken delivery of our new John Deere fairway mower and we are delighted with its inclusion to our fleet..

All grass cutting machines have had their winter services, we have done some of the servicing “in-house” to try and keep costs down. 2 tractors and one buggy are still to be done but they can wait until we get going and can afford them to be off site.

Richard Mullen
Course Manager.

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