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The all new maintenance facility and club buggy store is now fully operational and the green staff are thoroughly enjoying their new home! A massive thanks to the club for investing in a way that can only benefit everyone involved with our golf club.

Some snippets of information for you...
we are currently in a PGR programme on the putting surfaces, plant growth regulators are being applied every 2 weeks along with some nitrogen and plant penetrants to enable quick and proper intake. Its hope that a PGR programme will give us a chance to control growth on the greens and encourage more sideways growth, so far we've been tweaking the dose rate to get our perfect rate. At the end of the day its hoped that we can thicken up the greens and keep them more consistent throughout the whole day.

The Wildflower area is coming along ok but we had actually expected more of an impact but we are learning and the early frosts definitely played their part to restrict certain flowers. Next year we will incorporate some more areas but please adhere to any signs and stakes and DO NOT ENTER the area at all and take the appropriate relief with no penalty.

As we are in August and the condition of the playing surfaces are progressing nicely can I thank the golfers for their patience in the winter months when we prevented you from going on certain areas and reduced traffic damage caused by buggies, it all helps to provide better surfaces during the season and something we will continue to manage as the proof is in the surfaces right now.

Richard Mullen
Course Manager.

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