5 Hole Fun Junior Golf

 Fun 5 Hole Golf held on Saturday evenings for the younger junior members and specifically aimed at the 7-13 / 14 year old members.

Below describes how this operates. 

We observed specific playing patterns on the golf course and identified a day and time where the golf course was generally very quiet and which would allow us to run these fun
golf competitions and also when the parents whether a golfer or non golfer could also get involved.

There are the obvious busy periods where the course is very well utilized however there are identified tee times which are consistently not being used ie: Saturdays and Sundays from 4pm onwards.

These unused quiet tee times clearly create opportunities for unpressurised golf here at Banchory Golf Club, particularly for the younger junior members.

Another attractive aspect which has been reinstated onto the opening 5 holes (1st – 5th) is the BLUE TEES which are positioned approx half-way down the fairway of these holes and allows a shorter more achievable challenge compared
to the longer standard tees.

With the overall improved course playing conditions we are keen to see all the junior members playing and using the course as much as possible .

Based on the above we are running 5 Hole competition on a Saturday (early evening) for the younger juniors who do not have an official club handicap with the 1st tee being reserved from 4:30 until 5pm and playing holes 1 through to 5. This will hopefully be seen as a platform where the younger juniors can engage with the golf course and take their coaching learning from the practice area and implement their game on the golf course.

One parent / group walker is required to accompany each group round the course and assist the players to record their scores on the first 5 holes onto a course score card. Completed score cards can then be handed into the club secretary (via the office door letter box) where they will be retained. The club secretary will monitor the scores returned and based on the scores returned the player may then be given a club handicap of between 29-36.

Once a player has this handicap of between 29-36 the junior can then sign up to play alongside the Monday night junior medals and at the end of their block booking (4:30-5:30) and play from the YELLOW TEES over the 18 hole course. Completed score cards from these YELLOW tees should then be handed into the secretary’s office (via the letter box) after play on these Mondays.

This will hopefully provide a further platform towards playing for an official club handicap of 28 or less.


A Junior Club Member can obtain a current Club Handicap by the following:

A Junior can play the main course with an adult player or someone (Adult or Junior) who has a valid CONGU handicap who will then sign the Junior`s scorecard and hand in to the Club via the Score Card Box in the clubhouse lounge area or into the clubhouse office.

Once the Junior has returned 3 completed cards with scores less than 100 off the Yellow Tees they will be given a CONGU Club handicap of maximum 28 allowing them to play the main course
and enter the club’s Junior Competitions.

It is recommended that in the interests of safety and well being that at least 1 parent / adult accompanies the juniors round the course during the Saturday 5 hole fun competitions.

In order for this to function effectively we need the support of the parents to assist from the beginning and going forward. Its great to get involved and see your child both having fun but also to see them progress.

The first fun competition will kick off on :DATE TBA. An email will be sent out to Juniors / parents closer to the season starting.

If you wish to engage as a junior player there will be a sign up sheet on the Junior room notice board - please add your name to this list which will also serve as a start sheet each Saturday.

Also if you wish to act as a parent helper / walker please add your name to the helper list also on the Junior notice board.Banchory Child Protection Officer: Archie Cook (If required Archie can be contacted at the Club via the Secretary's Office)

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