Thunder & Lightning Procedure


Under R&A Rules of Golf 6-8 a, a player may discontinue play if he / she believes there is a danger from lightning.

The Klaxon will be sounded from the clubhouse to notify players that due to lightning, they have to leave the course immediately. This means you must pick up your ball and go back to the clubhouse, or take shelter. The competition will be cancelled, but for those who have completed their round, under CONGU Rule 18.7, the round will become Reduction only, with the CSS equal to the SSS. If there is lightning in the area, and for some reason the klaxon has not been sounded, it is up to individual players to decide for themselves if they want to abandon play. Some players might make a different judgement and continue to play and return a completed score.However, if the Klaxon has not been sounded and there is lightning around, players continuing to play, do so at their own risk.


If you decide that you must discontinue play for your own safety, lift (or abandon) your ball and immediately walk in to the club-house.

  • Sign your card as normal, and write clearly along the top "Play abandoned due to Lightning".
  • Place the card in the card box in the Club Lounge. Do not enter your score into the computer.
Under CONGU Clause 18.7, the round will become Reduction Only, with the CSS equal to the SSS.

There is no need to mark your ball position; because some players might decide to continue their round, it would not be practicable for a player who has walked in to resume his round.

This procedure only applies when there is a threat to personal safety from lightning. It does not apply to any individual player's decision to abandon play due to heavy rain.

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