Winter Golf

Winter Golf rules will begin as from 4th November 2021 and run through until the end of March 2022. Please adhere to the following guidelines:



As of November 4th through until the end March the following guidelines will be applied to the Course:

Winter Playing Procedures:

1.From the fairway players have no option but to Lift & Place ball from fairway onto mat and proceed. (Mats also to be used within 2 club lengths FROM THE EDGE OF THE FAIRWAY.)

2.If ball has been played into the deeper rough the ball then MUST be played as it lies, ie: beyond the 1st cut.

3. Although the use of trolleys is permitted players MUST adhere to the NO TROLLEY markings as seen on course.

4. During periods of Frost conditions the decision to allow / not allow the use of ride on buggies on the course will be made by the greenstaff - in the event of NO BUGGIES being allowed members will be notified by email as well as by the 1st tee notice board.


Summer greens will be utilised throughout the winter unless conditions are unsuitable for play to summer greens, at which time the course will move to temporary greens.

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22.01.2022 08:28
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With the following restrictions: Fairway Mats, No Buggies, Temporary Greens. No buggies until the white frost lifts . 13th hole has now reopened.