Historic Triumph: Banchory Golf Club Juniors Lift Trophy for the First Time Since 1968

Last weekend, our Junior Pennant Team defeated Stonehaven Juniors to capture the Aberdeen Pennant League trophy! The Banchory Golf Club Juniors’ triumph in lifting the trophy for the first time in 55 years is a landmark event that will be celebrated for generations to come.

The Junior Pennant Team’s success was not solely attributed to individual brilliance but to exceptional teamwork. They played as a cohesive unit, supporting and encouraging each other through every shot. This group of young athletes exemplified sportsmanship by offering advice on reading greens and boosting morale during challenging situations.

With a bright future ahead of them, the Junior Pennant Team has not only made their families, coaches, and community proud, it has inspired a new generation of aspiring golfers to chase their dreams with passion and determination.