All the above images were taken on the course by Wildlife Photographer, Richard Mullen.


As a global sport with millions of followers, set in nature and with deep community roots, golf can step forward as a leader for sustainability and climate action.

In many ways, from ecosystem services and conservation of wildlife to health and well-being for all ages, to jobs and economic value through local supply chains, golf is good for nature and communities.

Following years of research and professional expertise, the industry is in a new phase of activity, working collectively and credibly while also pledging to do even more – for the good of the planet, and to help ensure golf remains valued and resilient.

This commitment is especially important as we enter the United Nations ‘Decade of Action’, a time to accelerate sustainable solutions to some of the world’s biggest challenges. Sport is stepping forward to take action and raise awareness. As a popular global sport played across living landscapes, golf has an exciting opportunity for leadership.

Courtesy of: Sustainable.Golf